Bringing Back the Birds
  • Reaping coffee while protecting forest
  • Do good, plant a coffee tree
  • Why migratory birds love coffee trees
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Your Own Cacao Tree
  • Job opportunities in rural areas
  • Certificate include GPS location
  • Forest chocolate from your own tree
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Give a Tree
  • Customize your gift
  • Innovative ecological gift, just Usd 54 
  • A new way of giving to your family
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From Monoculture to Forest
  • Invest from Usd 1,840
  • First returns in year three
  • Average returns of approx. 8% IRR p.a.
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Build a Forest
  • Shaping the nature tree-by-tree
  • From Usd 28 per month or one time Usd 336
  • Certificate with the GPS location
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CacaoForest Plan
  • Combined with rainforest protection
  • Invest in CacaoForest from Usd 2,800
  • Forecast returns 10% IRR p.a. from year two
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