CacaoForest Plan


Investment in cocoa trees, combined with rainforest protection.

CacaoForest is more than an investment.  You will be helping to create habitat for wild animals and plants, restoring destroyed ecosystems, creating permanent jobs in rural regions, and guaranteed to be void of child labour.

How does your sustainable investment works?

CacaoForest investment is possible from Usd 2,800. We plant and maintain for you approx. 110 high quality cocoa trees. You will protect the same area rainforest near your CacaoForest plot also. First payouts from year two, from intercropping.

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Your CacaoForest contract consists of two different contracts: a property lease contract and a maintenance contract. The forecast revenue for 0.25 acre of cocoa forest amounts to US$ 11,810 (10.25% IRR p.a.)

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You will also receive a personalized Certificate, include the GPS location of your cocoa trees, designating you as an active rainforest conservationist, which can be hung on the wall.

At your choice, your CacaoForest in Nicaragua or Peru.


 A CacaoForest Investment Includes:

✔  Real social benefits

✔  Combined with rainforest protection

✔  First payout in year two from intercropping

✔   Average forecast 10% (IRR p.a.) No child labour

✔  A personalized Certificate with the GPS location of your cocoa trees

Please view our risk disclaimer in the Risk Information