Build a Forest



Birds sing again in the forest you build, benefiting your bank account and nature.



When investing in “Build a Forest Plan” you decide how much degraded land will be turned into tropical forest for you.  An investment in your own forest is available starting from US$ 28 monthly, or one single payment of US$ 302

We will plant (and take care of your) 12 trees of 11 different valuable species. At your choice, in one of our reforestation projects in Nicaragua or Peru. 


After 25 years, your trees are harvested without clear-cutting (keeping the restored ecosystem intact) and sold. You will then receive your profit and a tropical tropical forest is left in place for ever.

 100% Social Fair

With every tree that we plant for you, you create habitats for plants and animals. Moreover, your investment allows people to earn their livelihoods under fair conditions in a region where jobs are rare.

This is an opportunity to invest in something that benefits your bank account and the nature.

Your investment is representing reforestation and social fairness. Together we build forests!

Benefiting your bank account and nature


In addition to your investment you will receive a personalized Certificate include the GPS location of your forest.