From Monoculture to Forest

Transforming monoculture plantations into species-rich tropical forests

 The reality is that monoculture timber plantations have a negative impact on communities and biodiversity. These plantations are not a solution to climate change nor to biodiversity loss.

Investing in the “From Monoculture to Forest Plan” means we clear, step by step a 7-9 year old monoculture teak plantation and replace it with 11 different tropical tree species, restoring to a complex ecosystem, creating habitat a wide variety of plants and wildlife.

This forest management plan change an existing monoculture teak plantation into a mixed forest as a permanent restored ecosystem. Starting at Usd 1,840 for 1,000 m/2 (0.25 acre) This investment contains two different contracts. One for the land lease and one for the management and maintenance. At your choice: Build a Forest in Nicaragua or Peru.

 Birds are singing again 

It´s amazing how quickly after planting a new mixed tropical forest, insects and plants colonize these ares, following by birds, and more wild animals. Ecosystems gradually gained momentum as more and more species return.

In addition to your investment payouts, you will receive a personalized Certificate, designating you as an active rainforest conservationist.


 Free Bird Watching and Rainforest Tour

We offer visitors to our projects an unforgettable authentic, sustainable travel experience; a one day bird watching & rainforest tour. And for free! Walking (hot hot) or by boat.


Transforming monoculture plantations into species-rich tropical forests.