Ecological Aspects

Agroforestry, the practice of integrating trees and woodland areas into agricultural land, offers significant ecological and economic benefits. This intersection of forestry and agriculture represents a great opportunity as the necessity for more efficient and ecologically friendly food production systems grows more urgent.

Trees planted among or alongside agricultural crops as cacao provide  benefits as:

• High quality single-origin fine cacao beans (and higher price as bulk beans)

• Preventing soil erosion

• Protecting crops from wind damage and creating shadow

• Ensuring proper drainage

• Sequestering carbon

• No or nearly no pest and diseases

FROM MONOCULTURE TO FOREST is another sustainable AgriForest Finance product.This forestry management plan means we clear, step-by-step, 7-9 year old teak plantations and replace it with twelve different tropical tree species, as a permanent restored ecosystem. The new tropical forest what is build will never cut again and will be protected forever.