This harvest cooperative concept minimizes the risk for investors.

The results of more than five decades family forest agriculture confirms that AgriForest Finance can achieve an attractive return on the investment.

Historical results show yields and return margins with a fluctuation range between 7% and 10%  We also analyse data from numerous reliable sources such as international indices and trading publications, for instance FAO, and international market studies.

If forecasts were based only on the average increase in the value of timber the last 25 years, you could easily expect a return of 12% on AgriForest Finance products, but we calculate the forecast returns conservative at an average between 6.8% and 10%

Our return forecasts are based on 4 main assumptions:

● Cocoa trees in their natural surrounding and valuable shade trees

● Intercropping with plantains generate returns from year two

● Neem trees for the production and sale of organic pesticides

● Mixed forests with valuable wood species.