Investment Info

How much return can I expect?

The forecast return (% IRR p.a.) depends on the product. You will find more information about our return forecasts in our brochures.

We analyse also data from numerous reliable sources such as international indices and trading publications like the FAO,  (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)  sales experiences of our products and market studies.

The following are some of the most important parameters of our calculations:

•    additional returns from the sale of carbon credits

•    timber m³ development per area

•    prices for the different wood species

•   timber prices on the national and international market

Similar criteria are applied in order to calculate the returns of processed agricultural forest products (such as cocoa and nuts) and intercropping with plantains and beans during the first years. Also we adjust our return forecasts to the USA inflation rate, so your investment is inflation free.

The returns from the sale of timber and other forest products are expected to rise, but are accompanied by costs which are partly rising as well. However, tropical forestry causes most of the costs during the first 4 years. This way, approx. 60% of the overall costs occur during the first 4 years. This minimizes the cost risks for long-term forest investments.

How do I receive my payouts?

The profits generated from the sales of trees, cacao beans, intercropping and nuts, will be transferred to the bank account of your choice. Harvest, maintenance and distribution costs are included in all returns.

Can I visit my trees and/or the cacao forest project?

We would be very happy with your visit. We offer visitors to our projects in Nicaragua and Peru an unforgettable authentic sustainable travel experience during this tours, include one night in one of our jungle lodges, and for free! All the guides speak fluently English and Spanish.

What happens when AgriForest Finance will face a bankruptcy?

In the case of a bankruptcy, your investment is safe. Your investment is a real asset which is no part of the bankrupt’s assets in the case of a bankrupt of AgriForest Finance. The real asset (your investment) remains the property of the investor. Second, since tropical forestry causes nearly 60% of all costs during the 4 years (land preparation, nursery, planting, maintenance), the investment risk decreases in the course of the investment period.

How do you inform me about the development of my trees?

We publish yearly a general forestry report from our projects. In addition, we keep our clients informed with quarterly newsletters about the activities and latest news. All reports, newsletters and picture galleries are also available in your online –client log-in-  account.