Investment Plans


  Brief explanation of our 5 sustainable projects.

From Monoculture to Forest:  The reality is that monoculture timber plantations have a negative impact on biological diversity and peoples’ livelihoods. This forestry management plan means we clear, step-by-step, 7-9 years old monoculture teak plantations and replace it with twelve different native tree species, the new build tropical forest will never harvest again, protected forever and creating habitat for wild animals and plants.


Build a Forest:  Offers an investment in certified and ecologically sustainable mixed tropical reforestation. (No Monoculture) With each tree we plant for you, you create habitat for wild animals and plants. And thanks to your investment, people have fairly paid jobs in Peru and Nicaragua.



CacaoForest: CacaoForest is a sustainable investment in high-quality cocoa trees combined with rainforest protection restoring the eco systems and gaining a healthy ethical profit. And thanks of your investment, people get fairly paid, and you advocate against child labor.


Your Own Cacao Tree:  We plant and take care of one Cacao Tree for you on one of out our sustainably managed cocoa farms, at your choice,  in Peru or Nicaragua, two of the top cocoa growing regions in the world. As part of the return on your Usd 48 investment, you will receive yearly three boxes Forest Chocolate made from our finest cocoa and mailed to your door. Your Own Cacao Tree is an innovative and original present, why not delight your chocaholic loved ones or simply enjoy your purchase yourself, made by a world-class chocolatier.


Give a Tree: For just Usd 54 give a valuable tropical tree (include a personalized certificate with the GPS location of your tree) to the loved one of your choice. After 25 years, AgriForest Finance will sell the harvested timber and pay out the yield to the owner of the tree. The beneficiary can expect a return of approx. Usd 260

Your gift tree at your choice, in one of our reforestation projects in Nicaragua or Peru.

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